NATA – National Aptitude Test in Architecture

NATA is the most significant and mandatory Exam for Architecture aspirants. At Pannache our experts are dedicated to providing best NATA & JEE coaching we are one of the best NATA classes in Andheri and top NATA classes in Mumbai.

The purpose of conducting NATA is to provide a single scheme of examination for holding aptitude test and to facilitate prospective students from all over the country to apply for admissions in architecture seats in institutions spread across the country and hence to avoid appearing in multiple aptitude tests. However, the actual admissions shall be carried out only by the concerned competent authorities of the respective states/institutions based on NATA. The NATA also ensures that the eligibility criteria for admission to five years Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree course, are as prescribed by CoA and duly approved by the Central Government, are strictly adhered to and followed all over the country in Architectural Institutions.

Aptitude Test

  • Aesthetic Sensitivity Test
  • Drawing & Observation Skills Test
Subject Duration Marks
Aesthetic Sensitivity Test Mathematics
Sensitivity Test
90 Mints 60
Aptitude Test 60
Drawing & Observation Skills 90 Mints. 80
Total 180 Mints. 200

Syllabus for NATA

  • Elements of Design
  • Architectural Terminology
  • Memory Drawing
  • Aesthetic, Sensitivity & Drawing Skills
  • Development of 3-Dimensional Objects
  • Analytical Reasoning Mental ability
  • Light & Shade Rendering
  • Principle of Design, Harmony, Balance, etc
  • Visualization of 3-Dimensional Objects
  • Buildings of Architectural Importance
  • Understanding of Scale & Proportion
  • Awareness of National/ International Architects & their work
  • Interpretation of Pictorial Composition
  • Sketching of Urban & Landscape Drawing
  • Mathematics – Algebra, Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Matrics, Trigonometry, Application of
    Calculus, Vectors, etc.

JEE – Joint Entrance Exam

JEE Main Paper 2 is conducted for admissions to B.Arch/ B.Planning courses at NITs, and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions.

JEE is an Aptitude Test that evaluates an applicant’s aptitude to study Architecture.

JEE Main Test Paper 2

JEE Test consists of –

  • Aptitude Test
  • Mathematics
  • Drawing
Subjects Marks
General Aptitude 160
Mathematics 160
Drawing 70
Total 390

Syllabus for Test Part 2

  • Awareness, Places & Buildings
  • Building Terminology
  • Design & Drawing of Geometrical Shapes
  • Memory Drawing – Sketching
  • Aesthetic Sensitivity & Drawing Skills
  • Development of 2D & 3D Composition
  • Orthographic Projection
  • Shades & Shadows
  • Perspective Drawings
  • Buildings of Architectural Importance
  • Color, Texture, Harmony & Contrast
  • Visualization of 3d Objects from 2D Drawing
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Building Material
  • Mathematics

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